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April 2013

  • What If Wednesday: You Won the Lottery

    What If Wednesday: Lending Dough to the Fam


    In the What If Wednesday series, we transport to a hypothetical alternate-reality and watch life play out. And we do it on Wednesday, because alliteration. As I sat across the (probably fake) mahogany desk from the slightly slimy sales associate, I realized this was probably the most important decision I…

  • Passion vs Pay

    Making Money vs Doing What You Love


    Johnny and I are all about maximizing our savings, being financially prepared, and doing everything we can to make a few extra cents. So because of our mindset toward money, one would assume that we would have chosen careers that maximized our cash flow. Right? But we didn’t. I’m going…

  • How to Use a DSLR (for free)

    Shoot Photos Like a Pro(ish) for Free


    A few weeks ago we did a post about finding deals online, specifically explaining how we got a screamin’ deal on our first DSLR camera. DSLRs seem to be all the rage these days, no longer just a gadget for professional photographers (or those claiming to be). Take a photo…

  • 50 States Project

    The OFB 50 States Project


    You might recall that Joanna and I still don’t think we’ve found our “forever place.” Just a few weeks ago, we discussed some of the criteria we’re looking for in a place where we can really plant roots and call home. The comments from everyone were awesome — from those…