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August 2015

  • NYC vs Suburbia

    Observations on NYC vs Suburbia


    Moving out of a New York City apartment and into a house in suburbia is a big change. Okay, that’s an understatement. There’s almost nothing similar about our life in New York and our life now. As we’ve been getting settled in, Johnny and I have found ourselves thinking aloud…

  • Our Monthly Budget: August

    Our Monthly Budget: August 2015


    Hello from Utah! We’re back in the Mountain State, whose name is actually the Beehive State oddly enough. We’re behind on everything, including responding to some (many) comments. But we’ve been reading them all, and we’re excited to get back in the groove of everything. Our whole family functions better when we’re…

  • Tithing

    How Tithing Helped Us Be More Financially Responsible


    While we continue to unpack our lives out of boxes, here’s a post that we wrote a while back on DailyFinance. Enjoy, and (fingers crossed!) see ya next week! The days leading up to my childhood birthdays were ones filled with suspense. I’d watch the mailbox like a hawk, awaiting…

  • Persie Moving

    Keeping a Budget


    We’re drowning in boxes up in here! Unpacking with two little kiddos is slow going. It seems that one is always either hungry, screaming, or throwing up on something. Well, Winnie just spits up a ton, and poor Sally got a stomach bug. Luckily, as you can see above, Persie’s…