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October 2015

  • Maximizing Your Gifts

    Maximizing Your Budget: Gifts


    In 2015, we’re putting extra emphasis on budgeting since it’s a must for financial success. Each month, we tackle a different category, and by year’s end, we’ll have one big resource for maximizing your entire budget. Ding dong, ding dong, ding dong, ding dong…. That could be the start of any…

  • OFB Interviews Reetu

    OFB Interviews: “Our” Debt


    Today we’re sharing a debt story that brings back memories of our own debt-payoff days. This couple is a great example of the effectiveness of attacking finances together. I think many of you will be relate to this story — I know we can! So we’ll let Reetu take it…

  • Self-Employed and Choosing Health Insurance


    Welp, we did it. Starting October 1st, we got on our very own health insurance plans for the very first time ever. Before this point, we’ve always had an employer offering us plans and subsidizing the costs. But now that we’re 100% self-employed, we’re 100% in charge of our own…

  • Our Monthly Budget: October

    Our Monthly Budget: October 2015


    Last month’s budget was a success, which makes us all that much more hopeful for this month, too. You never know how expenses will fare in a new home, new state, new (self) employment, so we’re happy to finally get some normalcy around here! Also, I did keep track of…