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  • Generational Money Shifts

    A Chunk of Change: Generational Money Shifts


    Just a heads up, this post is sponsored by the fine folks at Chase. This should go without saying, but all opinions are our own and came straight from our own noggins. Just recently, Johnny and I were driving through our college stomping grounds when we passed the abandoned building…

  • 2017 Financial Priorities

    2017 Financial Priorities


    It’s 2017! And even crazier, we’re already a week and a half into January. It’s that time of year for new goals, new plans, new beginnings, and yup — new budgets. There’s no better time to prioritize (or reprioritize) your finances than now. Johnny and I have a few things…

  • Money Mindset

    Is Wealth Just About Changing Your Mindset?


    Being the personal finance nerds that we are, Johnny and I were reading our latest issue of Money magazine, and it struck up a fun discussion. Okay, truthfully, Johnny read it and then told me about it, and then the discussion ensued. In the Editor’s Note section, it says that…

  • When Is Your Budget Ready for a Baby?

    When Is Your Budget Ready to Start a Family?


    One of the biggest considerations when it comes to starting a family is finances. It’s not that children cost all that much initially. Even three and a half years in to having children, we’re still not spending very much on them (sorry, girls!). I think in food consumed, our cat…