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2014 budget

  • Our 2014 Budget

    Our Freaking 2014 Budget


    It’s Friday! It’s been a crazy busy week with very little sleep in our house. I know teething is a breeze for some babies, but Sally’s not one of them, and she’s currently getting her molars. Yesterday morning we were all up at 5:00. Nooo. So while my New Year’s…

  • Our August Budget

    Our Freaking Budget: August 2014


    Our Tuft & Needle giveaway is now closed, and we’ve emailed the winner with additional details. Thanks to all who participated! And if you didn’t win, keep your eyes peeled for another giveaway coming later this week! Can you believe it’s August? The year is flying by. I’M EXCITED FOR…

  • $450 Food Budget

    A Month of OFB’s $450 Food Budget


    This has been a long time coming, and I really hope that it’s somewhat helpful information that I’m about to share. I usually write a post in one sitting, and I knew that just wasn’t possible with this post! So I’ve been squirreling away little moments here and there to…

  • OFB Interviews: Andrea

    OFB Interviews: Breaking the Budget Code


    We’re excited to share another weekly installment of OFB Interviews! We hope you’ve been enjoying these as much as we have. It’s been awesome hearing other perspectives, struggles, successes and voices that are less weird and more eloquent than our own. And today is no different with our special guest, Andrea!…