Happy Thanksgiving!

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Happy Thanksgiving!

We hope you’re all stuffing your faces with turkey, mashed potatoes, stuffing (naturally), and whatever else floats your Thanksgiving boat right this moment. Life is hectic right now (update coming soon), so we’re hoping we can step back and catch a breather with our little girls and family these next few days. Hope you can do the same!



p.s. If you’re gettin’ down on any Black Friday deals tomorrow, don’t forget to use Ebates for easy + free cash back on everything you buy (I got 8% cash back from Gap for the girls just yesterday!).

Monthly Baby Costs: Month Seven

Wynn Seven Months

It’s that time again… time for another baby update! Our girl is seven months old. I swear this is one of the best ages ever. I remember loving it with Sally, too. Winnie has changed so much just in the past month!

General Baby Thoughts

Winnie has become so much more vocal lately. When she’s excited, she does this little scream/squeal. And she loves trying to make sounds that sound like real words. She was doing none of this even a month ago, but now she loves to make sure her voice is heard in this crazy household.

Winnie has also started crawling. She still only does a few legit moves with her knees up, and then she scoots on her belly because it’s faster for her. I can set her on the floor, and she’s golden for as long as necessary, entertaining herself with whatever’s lying around. That said, we’re having to be much more careful no choking hazards are on the ground because she also loves putting everything in her mouth.

Winnie’s becoming more social, and I’m seeing glimpses of Sally and her being friends. I love when they laugh together and when they’re interested in each other. I know we still have a long way to go, but I’m hoping this is the beginning of a life-long friendship.

Financial Baby Thoughts

Some of these financial thoughts may not sound baby-related, but they’ll help explain our current financial baby situation. You see, in the past month, I spent $0 on Winnie. Zero! Since Sally was born, this has never happened! And technically, I did spend money on part-time child care and baby food, but those both belong in different categories of our budget (grocery and non-discretionary spending). Currently, our lives are busier than ever, and we’ve whittled out any unnecessary distractions, which includes any and all retail therapy. So while that’s nice for our budget, it means that Winnie (and Sally) aren’t being accessorized or pampered quite as much as I’d like. Hopefully I can make up for that on Christmas morning :). Also, while I normally buy diapers and wipes each month, I haven’t had to buy any because I have a surplus of both right now.

But since I did spend on baby food and child care, I’ll briefly touch on both of those. I think Winnie is going to skip pureed food all together. I haven’t been able to get her to eat any of it. And what little I’ve managed to get in her mouth makes her gag and shudder with disgust. It seems she has a refined palate. As far as child care goes, I’ll touch on it during our next budget update, but it’s been a great transition for the whole family so far.

And now, here are some pictures of our little seven-month-old. She really is the happiest girl, and she brings so much joy to our day-to-day.

Seven Months

Seven Months

For those of you with a little babe(s) of your own, how do we relate or differ? Also, if you’re interested, here’s Sally’s seven-month update :).

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