Our Monthly Budget

  • Our Monthly Budget: December

    Our Monthly Budget: December 2015


    I can’t believe it. I really can’t. We’ve entered the last month of 2015! And what a month it is. Let the crazy Christmas spending commence! And then let us all regroup on January 1st. K, bye. In all seriousness, although our spending will be preeety crazy this month (as…

  • Our Monthly Budget: November

    Our Monthly Budget: November 2015


    November’s here! And while we technically have Thanksgiving before the start of the crazy Christmas season, I think we all know the craziness really starts now. Sally’s already informed us exactly what she wants from Santa this year, which seems way too advanced for a two-year-old. She has high hopes, so…

  • Our Monthly Budget: October

    Our Monthly Budget: October 2015


    Last month’s budget was a success, which makes us all that much more hopeful for this month, too. You never know how expenses will fare in a new home, new state, new (self) employment, so we’re happy to finally get some normalcy around here! Also, I did keep track of…

  • Our Monthly Budget: September

    Our Monthly Budget: September 2015


    We’re pretty excited for a new month to try our hands at budgeting. Despite starting our new budget last month, we still had extra expenses with getting settled in and restocking our pantry. So September will be a welcomed fresh start. Johnny’s excited for September for other reasons… cough, cough……

  • Our Monthly Budget: August

    Our Monthly Budget: August 2015


    Hello from Utah! We’re back in the Mountain State, whose name is actually the Beehive State oddly enough. We’re behind on everything, including responding to some (many) comments. But we’ve been reading them all, and we’re excited to get back in the groove of everything. Our whole family functions better when we’re…

  • Our Monthly Budget: July

    Our Monthly Budget: July 2015


    We’ve hit the halfway point! It’s crazy to think how fast 2015 is flying by. So far our savings is on track to meet our 2015 savings goal (to save 50% of our net income). But whether we actually meet our goal is totally dependent on how we fare these…

  • Our Monthly Budget: June

    Our Monthly Budget: June 2015


    June is our favorite AND most expensive month of the year, second only to December. Johnny and I both have birthdays, we have Father’s Day, and we have our wedding anniversary! We’re also six weeks into this whole two kids thing, and I feel like we’re starting to get our groove…

  • Our Monthly Budget: May

    Our Monthly Budget: May 2015


    May is here! New York City has done a 180 in the past few weeks and is really making us fall in love all over again. Full disclosure, I haven’t enjoyed it like I should since I’ve mostly been indoors tending to a newborn. But when I do get out,…

  • Our Monthly Budget April

    Our Monthly Budget: April 2015


    First things first: Yep, I’m still pregnant. Baby Girl is sittin’ pretty and determined to take her sweet time arriving. I’m giving her until Friday, and then she’s getting a serious talking to. So it’s April! We hope all of you had a great Easter weekend. We took it pretty easy,…

  • Our Monthly Budget: march

    Our Monthly Budget: March 2015


    Longest 28 days of my life. February was a beast. And not just because our food spending once again went off the deep end. We’ve a had a brutal winter here in NYC, and spring will be welcomed with open arms and a victory dance. We’re hoping March is better in…