Our Monthly Budget

  • Our Monthly Budget: February

    Our Monthly Budget: February 2015


    Phew… January is over! Things were getting a little bit hairy in some of our budget categories toward the end, so it’s nice to feel like we have money to spend again! Also, this frigid NYC weather is getting old (and kind of depressing), so I’m kind of hoping February…

  • See how we categorize our budget and give every dollar a name.

    Our Monthly Budget: January 2015


    Okay, 2015 can officially start… NOW. We’ve got a budget in place so we’re ready, only 5 days late or so. To be fair, we technically got our budget all squared away on January 2nd. But writing about it today makes it feel so much more legit. Our January budget is by…

  • Our August Budget

    Our Freaking Budget: August 2014


    Our Tuft & Needle giveaway is now closed, and we’ve emailed the winner with additional details. Thanks to all who participated! And if you didn’t win, keep your eyes peeled for another giveaway coming later this week! Can you believe it’s August? The year is flying by. I’M EXCITED FOR…

  • Our February Budget

    Our Freaking Budget: February Breakdown


    Happy Monday, Everyone! Our Internet is back, which means we’re back. We spent the weekend gallivanting about Salt Lake with friends and family. It was just my kind of weekend. It wasn’t the most relaxing weekend — I caught Johnny falling asleep sitting up a couple of times — but…

  • Our August Budget

    Our Freaking Budget: August Breakdown


    And now, we welcome you back to your regularly scheduled programming. At last we are in our new place. And starting to feel settled. ish. For the most part, all went well with the move. But we are exhausted. Luckily, unpacking is about 1000x easier than packing. And I love…

  • Our April Budget

    Our Freaking Budget: April Monthly Breakdown


    We didn’t stumble on our blog name by chance. After all, it’s pretty long, weird, and includes a quasi-obscenity that was banned in both of our households as kids (sorry moms!). But the reality is there was no other name as fitting for our blog than the darned thing that…

  • Our January Budget

    Our Freaking Budget: Monthly Breakdown


    Johnny and I have set some financial goals for 2013. And the key to sticking to those goals will be tracking every expense and sticking to our budget. Our First Budget When we first started tracking our expenses a few years ago, it was kind of tricky, as well as…