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February 2013

  • Thanks, George.

    A Day Off (Hallelujah)


    Happy Presidents’ Day! Today, we (Americans) celebrate George Washington’s birthday and honor all past presidents. And like good patriotic Americans, our little family plans on spending the whole day thinking about them. At Costco. And on the couch. Given the somewhat political nature of the holiday, today is just asking…

  • Are We Just Working for the Weekends?


    Today, more than other Fridays, I keep telling myself TGIF. Johnny has been very busy the last few weeks at work. So much so that when he leaves the office and comes home, he brings his work with him. We usually try to go halfsies on writing posts during the…

  • Happy Valentine's Day

    Our (Cheap) Valentine’s Day Tradition


    Today is the supposed most romantic day of the year. And what does our Valentine’s Day look like? Refer to the photo above and below. We cook a roast. This will be our 6th year of having a Valentine’s dinner roast. And how did this tradition begin? It was our…

  • The $20 Hotel Trick


    Last week, I wrote up a post about our cheapest travel deal ever. Unfortunately, those deals don’t come by all too often. But even when Joanna and I don’t benefit from some weird booking glitch or from the travel gods smiling upon us, we always make sure to get some…