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April 2014

  • He Says/She Says: RVing

    He Says/She Says: RVing


    In the He Says/She Says series, we discuss financial-ish topics where we agree to disagree and make our case with fighting words. We then promptly make up. George Washington would be pretty impressed with a lot that the 21st century has to offer. Computers, drones, dental hygiene, Capri Suns. But…

  • Baby Bucks

    OFB Baby Update: 15 Months


    General Baby Thoughts We have entered the climbing stage of toddlerdom. Sally spends half an hour climbing up on the couch, and then down from the couch. Up on the couch, then down. Up, down. UP… you get the idea. This has resulted in her falling off the couch several…

  • Budget

    The Many Definitions of a Budget


    Some things are meant to be subjective. Like your favorite candy, for instance. If I asked Johnny to define the perfect candy, he’d grab a box of Good ‘N Plenty’s from the cupboard. If he asked me to define the worst candy, I’d take that box of Good ‘N Plenty’s…

  • Day Away Arches National Park

    A Day Away for Less Than $60: Arches National Park


    Recently, Johnny and I decided to drop everything and head out to Arches National Park. We’d had such a good experience with Zion National Park with Sally that we were itching for another mini-nature-getaway. Johnny and I were both having kind of blah weeks with this or that stressing us…