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March 2015

  • Swinging Sally

    NYC and OFB Update


    It’s the final countdown! We’re about a week and a half out from my due date, so I wanted to give a little update while I have the energy and brain capacity to do so. One of these days, we’re gonna wake up and our world and family will be…

  • New York City Subway Guide

    A Tourist’s Guide to the NYC Subway


    If you find yourself visiting New York City for more than a day, odds are you’re going to ride the subway. You’ll definitely do some walking, but you can’t see everything NYC has to offer on foot and live to tell about it. And at some point, you might even…

  • Hello, My name is Beowulf

    About You #12


    The weather in New York City still feels like January, but we’re rounding the corner into April already. 2015 is flying by! I’m also coming up on 38 weeks of pregnancy, which means life as we know it is about to be flipped on its head in the OFB household.…

  • Oh, the Places You'll Go

    Oh, the Places You’ll Go…


    Three and a half years ago, Johnny and I were living in New York City. We’d been out of school less than two years, we were paying off debt, we had just a couple thousand in savings, and we’d been hoping to get pregnant for over a year. We were…