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November 2015

  • Reward or Punishment

    Rewards, Punishments, and Finding Financial Motivation


    I recently trained for and ran my first half marathon. As most hard things are, it was awesome and awful at the same time. While I was training, I swore to Johnny that getting through the 8, 9, and 10-mile runs had everything to do with employing psychological warfare on…

  • Maximizing Your Phone and TV

    Maximizing Your Budget: Internet, Cell Phone, and Cable


    Well, it’s November, which means we’ve reached our second-to-last category for maximizing your budget in 2015. Next month we’ll discuss non-discretionary spending, and then this series will be complete and we’ll all be budgeting wizards! Today we’ll be discussing how to maximize your Internet, cell phone, and cable bills. These…

  • OFB Interviews Kate

    OFB Interviews: Digging Out of $57k in Two Years


    Today’s interview is great! It’s a perfect representation of real people paying down debt. Kate explains the changes they had to make in their life to make it happen, and we loved reading every word of it. We think you will, too, so we’ll let Kate take it from here!…

  • Lifestyle Deflation

    Let’s Talk About Lifestyle Deflation


    When you hear advice about saving more money or getting out of debt, it often involves avoiding lifestyle inflation. Johnny and I have tried our best to avoid lifestyle inflation over the years, despite the pull of changing careers, income, or cost of living. By fighting the urge, we’ve almost been able…