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February 2016

  • 3 Foolproof Tips for Staying on Budget

    Three Foolproof Tips for Staying on Budget

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    Budgeting is simple, easy, basic, and basically a cinch. All you do is track your spending and spend within a set of pre-determined parameters set up by YOU. Easy peasy. Okay, okay… so not so much. From the outside, budgeting seems like the easiest, most simple thing in the world.…

  • What Happened When We Didn't Budget

    What Happened When We Didn’t Keep a Budget


    Without meaning to, Johnny and I performed a bit of a financial experiment on ourselves in December and January. FYI, “experiment” is a cool way of saying “slacked off,” but regardless, we thought the results were worth sharing. We’ve been sorta consumed by our side project-turned-business which has been great and…