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  • Financial Books

    Reading Rainbow: Finance Edition


    I don’t like to read. Well, at least I didn’t. In hindsight, this is probably a good reason why I struggled in high school (along with that not doing homework thing). The Great Gatsby?! Ugh, spare me. That was all until I discovered a subject matter I could get into:…

  • Frugal Months

    Frugal Months


    A couple of times a year, we’ll get to a point where it seems multiple irregular expenses hit all at once. Ouch. Even if we’ve budgeted for these expenses, shelling out that much dough in a short timeframe can be a little unnerving. Other times, we’ll go through a quarter…

  • 24 vs. 26

    24 vs. 26


    Few events in life will have farther reaching financial implications than if/when you change employers. Things like healthcare costs and retirement contributions are but a few items that should be carefully considered before making such a move. Hopefully the jump to greener pastures also includes a raise! I switched jobs…

  • Tyler Introduction

    Hey, I’m Tyler!


    Greetings from the Lone Star State! I’m Tyler. I’ve been a longtime OFB reader and have had an even longer interest in personal finance. My wife hails from Hawaii, and I’m a Southern California native. We met at school in Utah, and we have spent time living in Hawaii, New…