Big Ticket Purchase

  • Car Buying Tips and Tricks

    Our 20 Car Buying Tips & Tricks


    Last week, we wrote a novel about our recent car buying experience. For those keeping track at home, we’ve now bought three used cars in our marriage. So we’re pretty much experts on the subject. (This is where a sarcasm font would come in handy.) And while our cars haven’t…

  • 48-Hour Car Buy

    Our 48-Hour Car Hunt


     Upon arriving in Utah a few weeks ago, Joanna and I found ourselves carless. Our number one priority aside from purchasing milk and cereal was to purchase a car as quickly as possible, while still sticking to our car-buying rules (which we laid out in this post). As a quick…

  • Our Car with Cash Guide

    How We’ve Paid Cash for Our Cars


    Every time we’ve bought a car in our almost six years of marriage (which has been two car purchases, plus a scooter — so we’re pretty much experts), the first question that enters our brains is, How are we gonna pay for it?  Yes, this question trumps, What kind of…

  • Two Car Solution

    One-Car Family No More!


    Just last week we posted about being a one-car family in a two car world. It was super fun and informative reading everyone’s comments and suggestions for what we should do. About a third of you said to stick it out with one car until it was absolutely necessary. Another…

  • Living with one car

    One-Car Family in a Two-Car World


    Johnny and I have a bit of a conundrum. It’s one we’ve been trying to solve for months. In fact, it’s one of our New Year’s Resolutions. And, yet, here we are with our problem still unsolved. What’s our predicament? Well, we’re a one-car family… and we’d like to be…