• The RV Employee

    The New Nomadic Workforce?


    Johnny and I have noticed a growing trend with our generation in the workforce — we’re kind of nomadic. It used to be that you’d get a job fresh out of college, stay there for 4o years, and retire with a sweet pension plan. And if you chose instead to…

  • Logistics

    The Logistics of Losing My Income


    Thanks so much for all the kind words regarding my decision to quit! You guys give the best Internet high fives ever. Seriously, it really meant a lot and pretty much made my day month. Now that it’s actually happening (4 days left and counting!), Johnny and I have some…

  • Getting a New Boss

    I’m Quitting My Job


    That’s right. Last week, I put in my two weeks’ at a job I’ve held for 4.5 years. Gulp. Johnny and I did not come to this decision lightly. We’ve been weighing the pros and cons for months, and the pros finally won out. Working from home full time has…

  • That Thing Called Work

    All the Ways We’ve Made Money


    First and foremost, Johnny and I have loved diving into your reader survey responses this weekend. It was super fun and interesting to learn more about all y’alls. And our favorite part was reading your written responses. You guys are seriously the best, and every little comment will help make…

  • You've Been Severed (Part II)

    Job Loss: First Impressions (Johnny)


    Well this should be a fun post! Wait a minute, how was I convinced to write a post about getting laid off? More specifically, a post about my feelings of getting laid off? Uh, no thanks. Let this be a lesson to all Candy Crush addicts — listen to what you’re…

  • You've Been Severed

    Job Loss: First Impressions (Joanna)


    As we mentioned in a post a couple of weeks ago, May was an interesting month for us. Actually, this whole summer has been an interesting whirlwind of insanity. But May is when it all started — when we were blindsided by Johnny’s job loss. For me it was a…

  • How We Chose a Job

    How We Chose Our Next Job


    Our gut reaction when Johnny got laid off was to panic. Well, that’s not entirely true. Our very first reaction was just shock, which feels a bit like nothing at all. It’s one of those moments when you think This is a big deal. I know this is a big…

  • Passion vs Pay

    Making Money vs Doing What You Love


    Johnny and I are all about maximizing our savings, being financially prepared, and doing everything we can to make a few extra cents. So because of our mindset toward money, one would assume that we would have chosen careers that maximized our cash flow. Right? But we didn’t. I’m going…

  • Writing Pays the Bills and Keeps Us Sane


    In last week’s About You post, Johnny and I asked you to tell us what you do for a living. It’s always interesting to hear how others spend the 9 to 5 of their day. Our jobs don’t define us, but a pretty hefty chunk of our lives are spent…

  • Are We Just Working for the Weekends?


    Today, more than other Fridays, I keep telling myself TGIF. Johnny has been very busy the last few weeks at work. So much so that when he leaves the office and comes home, he brings his work with him. We usually try to go halfsies on writing posts during the…