Financial Product Reviews

  • Aspiration debit card

    Aspiration Review: Better Banking for All


    A few months ago, we gave you an inside look at our money funnel, a prioritized order in which we allocate our incoming dough. While we try not to tinker too much with our funnel, we’re always on the lookout for better places to park our money within our system.…

  • Sock Away College Savings with Upromise

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    Just a heads up, this post is sponsored by the fine folks at Upromise. This should go without saying, but all opinions are our own and came straight from our own noggins. On most families’ list of obligatory “financial to-dos” is saving for college. We’re part of that group, and…

  • Qapital App Review

    Qapital App Review: Smart Savings


    We spend a lot of time talking about budgeting. I’d wager that most doctors would say it’s an unhealthy amount of time. But we strongly believe that really adhering to the principles of budgeting make for smarter spending and savvier saving. But you see, there’s a problem: budgeting isn’t always…

  • Why We Do Our Own Taxes

    Why We Do Our Own Taxes + TurboTax Giveaway


    There’s one night each year when Nerdy Johnny comes alive. He puts on sweatpants, sits on the floor, gets on his laptop, and surrounds himself in paperwork. He both dreads this night and gets a little bit (okay, very) giddy at the same time. It’s weird. And this night is…