Money & Marriage

  • Joint Checking

    Is a Joint Bank Account the Secret to a Happy Marriage?


    We originally wrote this article for DailyFinance, but it’s an important topic that we haven’t discussed in a while so we wanted to share. We’d love to hear any thoughts you have on joint checking. Personal finance is just that — personal. When you’re single, you, yourself, and you have…

  • Budgeting with Your Spouse

    Getting Your Spouse on Board with Budgeting


    When Johnny first told me about a budgeting book he was reading, I was all for it. He’d tell me little details here or there, and I’d nod my head in approval to all the wisdom he was gleaning from its crisp pages. Then he sat me down to discuss…

  • Financially Wedded Bliss

    Our Keys to Making Married Finances Work


    When Johnny and I celebrated our anniversary just a few short weeks ago, we took a few moments reminiscing on what we’d accomplished in the last seven years. And we also ate a bunch of sushi, but that’s beside the point. One of our biggest accomplishments in these seven years…

  • How a Saver and a Spender Make a Budget

    How a Saver and a Spender Made a Budget


    Opposites attract. Where Johnny’s patient and calculating, I’m impulsive and spontaneous. Where Johnny would rather talk through a stressful situation, I’d rather keep it inside until it’s over. Where Johnny’s wants to take it easy on a day off, I’d rather go and do and see. And where Johnny’s a…

  • Reader Mailbag

    Reader Mailbag: Getting on the Same Page


    Guess what happens when we get questions from readers? We answer them! So if you have your own question, click here and shoot it off to us. We’ll do our best to get back to you and give you an answer that isn’t totally incorrect. Every relationship can benefit from a healthy…

  • Happy Valentine's Day

    Our (Cheap) Valentine’s Day Tradition


    Today is the supposed most romantic day of the year. And what does our Valentine’s Day look like? Refer to the photo above and below. We cook a roast. This will be our 6th year of having a Valentine’s dinner roast. And how did this tradition begin? It was our…

  • $15 Love Story

    It Took $15 to Fall in Love


    Valentine’s Day is just around the corner. Having a one-month-old (can you believe it’s already been a month?!) has me kind of sidetracked this year, and I haven’t even given the holiday a second thought until now. But thinking about Valentine’s Day and love and Johnny has me remembering when…

  • Joint banking is fun!

    Why We’re All About Joint Banking


    Throughout our marriage, we’ve always enjoyed finding out how our take on finances is similar to other couples (“You read Dave Ramsey, too?”). And it’s especially fun to hear how we differ as well (“You each spend how much on shoes each month?!”). But one area where we’ve been consistently…