More Than Money

  • WAHM to SAHM

    Going from a WAHM to a SAHM


    It’s hard to believe it’s already been three weeks since I quit my job. Sometimes my mind still plays tricks on me, and I have a split-second of panic because I’ve overslept or I haven’t checked my work email yet. Old habits die hard. They may be slowly dying, but…

  • Times is the most valuable thing that a man can spend.

    What We Really Want Isn’t Money


    Coop up two mildly attention-deficit humans in a house for a few days with the stomach bug, and you’re bound to get some weird conversation. One of our more normal conversations this week, though, was revisiting the topic of what it is we want from life (we’ve talked about it…

  • Rollerblade Every Day for the Rest of Your Life


    Hey, peeps. Speaking of peeps, if you like those weird marshmallow sugar bird things that appear around this time year, we can never be friends. Well, Joanna just told me that she likes them so I guess I have to retract that statement. But seriously? Peeps? Joanna and I are…

  • Whining

    What in the World Are We Whining About? Pt. II


    A little less than a year ago, Joanna and I were navigating the world of spit up, blow-outs, and insomnia as new parents to a one-month old. Our whine-o-meters were at full throttle, so we sat down and realized that despite the high volume of bodily fluids raining forth from…

  • Baby Diet Coke

    An Ode to Working Moms (and Dads)


    Don’t worry… it was empty. I’m 110% exhausted. Monday was a typical day of working from home, but for the rest of the week, I’m working at the office because I have meetings. Yesterday (Tuesday), I set my alarm for 6:30am, but Sally woke me up at 6:15. After getting…

  • A Penny for Your Thoughts

    What Is Financial Stability?


    An OFB reader recently reached out with us with a question that we want to pose to all of you guys today. Yes, even you typing away at your keyboard with Cheetos fingers. So here’s the question: What does it mean to YOU to be financially stable? As our reader said in…

  • Justifying the Cost of Experiences

    Justifying the Cost of Experiences


    Well, we’ve been living in Utah for six months now, and Johnny and I haven’t taken a single day off from work. Okay, that’s not completely true… we’ve taken a few sick days. But those don’t really count, do they? Suffice it to say, the last six months have been…

  • I can live for two months on a good compliment. –Mark Twain

    Positive Customer Service Challenge


    Having spent a brief stint in the service industry as a Jamba Juice drink artist and another as a restaurant server (Employee of the Month July 2007!… not like I remember or anything), I encountered my fair share of customer complaints. Many were warranted — like when I dropped an…

  • Please Keep off the Grass

    Money is Meant to Be Spent


    Growing up, we had a pair of special couches in our living room. They were the no-touching-no-sitting-no-breathing-on-couches. It provoked many a question in a five-year-old’s brain: Are those couches as soft as clouds? Will we get eaten by them? Are there fruit roll-ups hidden between the cushions? It was like the…

  • Be Happy.

    More Money, More Problems?


    The age-old question: How much money do you need to be happy? Okay, okay, maybe it isn’t quite an age-old question, but it is one that I’ve heard over and over again in my twenty-something years of life. And then there’s that other saying Money doesn’t buy happiness. So which is…