• Letterfolk

    So We Started a Business


    If you follow my Instagram account, you may have seen that Johnny and I just launched a new side business/hobby/thingy. We’re not 100% sure what it will be, but we’re excited to finally launch it! We’ve opened an online shop called Letterfolk that sells letter boards (the ones you might…

  • Self-Employed and Choosing Health Insurance


    Welp, we did it. Starting October 1st, we got on our very own health insurance plans for the very first time ever. Before this point, we’ve always had an employer offering us plans and subsidizing the costs. But now that we’re 100% self-employed, we’re 100% in charge of our own…

  • Self-Employment

    We’re Officially Self-Employed


    We promised we’d share more on what prompted our move back west (other than being closer to family), and the time has finally come for us to spill the beans. As of June of this year, we dove headfirst into the wide, wild, and unchartered world of self-employment. To be…

  • Healthcare Conundrum

    Our Healthcare Conundrum


    As we dive headfirst into the unchartered waters of self-employment (surprise!… we’ll be talking more about this soon), we find ourselves faced with a few new financial considerations. Some aspects of our budget that were dictated by our various employers are now 100% dictated by us. For example, when our contract…