• Splurge Worthy

    Our Splurging and Saving Personality


    On Saturday night, Johnny and I ate out at a sit-down restaurant. Better yet, it was just the two of us… we do occasionally need Sally-free time. When we arrived, the restaurant informed us that it would be a 35- to 45-minute wait. We reluctantly said, “Okay,” and had a…

  • Splurge Worthy

    Splurge Worthy: Nightstands


    Johnny and I have admitted that despite all our budgeting talk, we actually like to buy nice things and spend money — even if we usually hold back. And so we’ve started a new series called “Splurge Worthy,” where we share our favorite splurges. I really like interior design. I…

  • We Can't Quit You

    Splurgeworthy: Cable TV


    When Johnny and I were paying off our student debt (read Our Debt Story here), we sacrificed a lot. And we didn’t splurge on much. But there was one item we just couldn’t sacrifice: cable. Cable’s not cheap. On more than one occasion we asked ourselves if we should get…