Working for the Man

  • Too Much Work

    Does the 40-Hour Work Week Make Us Spend More?


    Have you ever wondered if all the work we’re doing to make more money is actually making us spend more? We recently read an article on that very topic, and it piqued our interest. So, of course, we wanted to share it with you guys. The guy who wrote it…

  • Are We Just Working for the Weekends?


    Today, more than other Fridays, I keep telling myself TGIF. Johnny has been very busy the last few weeks at work. So much so that when he leaves the office and comes home, he brings his work with him. We usually try to go halfsies on writing posts during the…

  • We Quit in 2013!

    That’s It, We’re Quitting Our Jobs (Kinda Sorta)


    Welp, 2013 started off with a bang. We added a “mini us” to our family. Just with adding Baby Girl to our insurance and keeping her dressed and diapered (which apparently doesn’t prevent her from still peeing on us) we’re guaranteed a couple hundred extra dollars in expenses each month.…