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December 2012

  • How we spent Christmas

    What Did You Get for Christmas?


    Before yesterday, we were all probably overwhelmed by the Christmas spirit and asking selflessly (and correctly), What did you give for Christmas? But now that the big day has come and gone, we can return to our natural, selfish selves and share our Christmas spoils with each other! Joanna and I…

  • Merry Christmas from Our Freaking Budget

    Merry (Freaking) Christmas


    Johnny and I are spending Christmas by our lonesomes this year since we could be gifted with the arrival of our first baby any day now. We hope you all made the nice list and that your holidays are full of F’s: family, food, friends, and fun… and maybe even…

  • Our Freaking Budget Weekly Wrap-Up

    All Wrapped Up — Dec. 22


    I actually wrote this post on Friday, the day the world was supposed to end. If you’re reading this, I guess the Mayans were wrong. If you’re not reading this, then I wasted a good half hour of my last day on Earth writing something that no one will ever…

  • Debt free for one year

    Our One Year Debt-iversary!


    What’s a debt-iversary celebration without a good back story? So let’s take a look, it’s in a book, and read how we got into and out of debt at Our Debt Story. Sorry about the quasi-Reading Rainbow reference. One year has come and gone since Johnny and I said farewell…