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January 2013

  • Gettin' Tipsy

    Tipping and Being Frugal: Can They Coexist?


    Johnny and I got married in the summer of 2007. After the wedding and honeymoon, we spent the rest of the summer working our tails off together at a Mexican restaurant as servers. I had been a server for a couple years before meeting Johnny, but that summer was the…

  • It always seems impossible until it is done

    Quotes That Make Cents: Impossible? Done


    Quotes That Make Cents is a running series of quotes we find particularly money-motivational. This quote is brought to you by the wise Nelson Mandela. Feel free to pin, share, or print and slap on the fridge next to your expired Domino’s Pizza coupon. This quote has helped us get…

  • Living with one car

    One-Car Family in a Two-Car World


    Johnny and I have a bit of a conundrum. It’s one we’ve been trying to solve for months. In fact, it’s one of our New Year’s Resolutions. And, yet, here we are with our problem still unsolved. What’s our predicament? Well, we’re a one-car family… and we’d like to be…

  • We Can't Quit You

    Splurgeworthy: Cable TV


    When Johnny and I were paying off our student debt (read Our Debt Story here), we sacrificed a lot. And we didn’t splurge on much. But there was one item we just couldn’t sacrifice: cable. Cable’s not cheap. On more than one occasion we asked ourselves if we should get…