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February 2013

  • How We Made Money Off Our Baby


    We’ve learned a lot since having a baby. We tried to prepare financially, but some stuff you can’t really learn until you’re in the thick of it. Johnny and I have written about how we got lucky and had a $0 baby at the hospital. Woo! When we were first…

  • Personal Finances are Personal

    Getting Personal About Personal Finance


    If you’ve ever read a single post on our blog, it shouldn’t come as news to you that we’re sorta into personal finances. I guess that could be kinda weird to some folks, but based on the fact that you’re reading this sentence on our blog, you probably don’t think…

  • Giving Back with Save1


    It shouldn’t come as a surprise that Johnny and I are big on finding deals. Duh. And we end up finding most of them on the world wide webisphere. We rarely buy anything online without one of two things happening: 1) helping ourselves using a coupon or promotion, or 2)…

  • Money Psychology Tips


    The mind is a powerful thing. I’m slowly getting back into exercising now that Baby Girl is seven weeks old. It’s incredible just how hard it is to get back in shape after months of doing nothing more than walking at a brisk pace (and “brisk” is a relative term…