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June 2013

  • OFB 50 States Project: Ohio

    OFB 50 States Project: Ohio


    In The OFB 50 States Project, you the readers spill the beans about your state: the good, the bad, and the delicious. And thus provide “forever place” seekers (like yours truly) a useful resource in their search. We’d love to hear about your state! To be a part of this project, click here to…

  • Why You Should Invest in a 401k

    Why You Should Invest in a 401k


    So I have a confession. I worked for my current employer for two years before contributing to the 403b offered (which is just like a 401k). Two years! How could you do such a thing?? you’re probably definitely wondering, as you rip your hair out in frustration. Well, to be…

  • He Says/She Says: Self-diagnosis

    He Says/She Says: Self-Diagnosis


    In the He Says/She Says series, we discuss financial-ish topics where we agree to disagree. Joanna is a survivor. Cue Destiny’s Child soundtrack. She has battled leukemia, endometriosis, breast cancer, ADHD, and appendicitis. Most impressive is that she suffers from no lingering effects from these serious illnesses. That’s because Joanna’s a…

  • Another June Day, Another Birthday

    Another June Day, Another Birthday


    Today is the day that Johnny dreads above all other days of the year. It’s my birthday. Johnny feels immense pressure on my birthday to make sure all is blissful in Joanna-ville. It makes me laugh a little but not a lot because I hate that he gets stressed out…