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September 2013

  • Weekend Recap

    Weekend Recap: It’s the Great Pumpkin


    We’re simple folks. And it doesn’t take much to get us excited for a weekend. Was it the beautiful fall weather that had us counting down to last week’s end? Nope, but we did enjoy that. Was it the monthly family dinner with Johnny’s entire family? Neh, but that was…

  • Reader Mailbag

    Reader Mailbag: Getting on the Same Page


    Guess what happens when we get questions from readers? We answer them! So if you have your own question, click here and shoot it off to us. We’ll do our best to get back to you and give you an answer that isn’t totally incorrect. Every relationship can benefit from a healthy…

  • Hello My Name Is Beowulf

    About You #6


    Goodbye summer — we’ll miss you. Hello fall — you’re the worst. Well, you’re tied for worst with winter. Joanna thinks you’re alright because you make pretty leaves. But I’m not super impressed by dying leaves, especially since they’re the final warning sign before six continuous months of brutal cold…

  • Breaking Bad Budgets

    Breaking Your Bad Budget


    Johnny and I have been glued to the final episodes of Breaking Bad. It’s like witnessing something terrible that you just can’t look away from. We put our girl down at 7:00 each night, which is also when the show starts. And so each Sunday night we don’t get to…