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February 2014

  • Reviews: Can't Stop. Won't Stop.

    Our Obsession With Product Reviews


    Recently, Johnny and I watched The Net. If you’ve never seen it, Sandra Bullock plays a top notch computer hacker in the mid-90s. With her hacking skills, she can actually order a pizza ONLINE!!! Less than 20 years ago, the days of online shopping were a mere figment of some movie director’s…

  • Where to Save

    Now That You’re Saving Money, Where Should You Put It?


    The month Johnny and I paid off our student loans was just like any other month. But the next month? It was unlike any other. For the first time in our marriage, we could focus on saving, instead of paying off debt. Saving! Just what we’d always wanted. But after…

  • Hello My Name Is Beowulf

    About You…r Budget


    Hope you all had fun, safe, relaxing weekends! And if you happened to spend your weekend street racing in front of our apartment at 3am, honking your horn, revving up your stupid engine on your stupid looking modified car, all whilst waking up sleeping children and their grumpy parents… I…

  • $350 Getaway: Zion National Park

    Weekend Getaway for $350 or Less: Zion National Park


    Johnny and I had such a fun time over President’s Day weekend, frolicking about in nature and feeling sun on our translucently white skin. It made us want more of the outdoors. At the beginning of the year, we tentatively planned for several mini getaways in 2014. I say “tentatively”…