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February 2014

  • How to Analyze a Salary

    How to Analyze a Salary


    When Johnny and I got our first real jobs out of college, we were both just giddy that someone wanted to pay us a salary. Us! Our combined income the year prior had been $19k, so any sort of steady income made us feel like kings (ahem… or rather, king…

  • Weekend Recap

    Weekend Recap: Zion National Park


    Happy President’s Day! (psst… someone remind me what we’re actually celebrating today. Thanks.) Are you off work today? I am, and Johnny kinda sorta is. We just spent a few days at Zion National Park in Southern Utah, and it was glorious and warm! But getting a taste of 70-degree…

  • Be Mine

    Happy Freaking Valentine’s Day


    Happy Valentine’s Day, everyone! Johnny and I didn’t really celebrate Valentine’s Day last year. Sally was just barely a month old, and we were neck deep in the realities of new parenthood. In other words, we were zombies. When Johnny got home from work that night, we didn’t even have…

  • Justifying the Cost of Experiences

    Justifying the Cost of Experiences


    Well, we’ve been living in Utah for six months now, and Johnny and I haven’t taken a single day off from work. Okay, that’s not completely true… we’ve taken a few sick days. But those don’t really count, do they? Suffice it to say, the last six months have been…