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February 2014

  • Our February Budget

    Our Freaking Budget: February Breakdown


    Happy Monday, Everyone! Our Internet is back, which means we’re back. We spent the weekend gallivanting about Salt Lake with friends and family. It was just my kind of weekend. It wasn’t the most relaxing weekend — I caught Johnny falling asleep sitting up a couple of times — but…

  • Internet Is Down

    Our Internet Is Down


    Not too long ago, we did a post on the perks of renting. Welp, one of the non-perks is having the Internet go down and having no power over getting it fixed. With nothing better to do, Johnny and I have just been staring each other down for the past…

  • How a Saver and a Spender Make a Budget

    How a Saver and a Spender Made a Budget


    Opposites attract. Where Johnny’s patient and calculating, I’m impulsive and spontaneous. Where Johnny would rather talk through a stressful situation, I’d rather keep it inside until it’s over. Where Johnny’s wants to take it easy on a day off, I’d rather go and do and see. And where Johnny’s a…