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March 2014

  • Whining

    What in the World Are We Whining About? Pt. II


    A little less than a year ago, Joanna and I were navigating the world of spit up, blow-outs, and insomnia as new parents to a one-month old. Our whine-o-meters were at full throttle, so we sat down and realized that despite the high volume of bodily fluids raining forth from…

  • Where We Keep Our Money

    Where We Keep Our Money


    We talk a lot about how to save money on here. But one thing we’ve never talked about is where we keep our money. We’ve had a few questions on just this topic recently, and as it always is with us, if you ask, you shall receive much more than…

  • Baby Diet Coke

    An Ode to Working Moms (and Dads)


    Don’t worry… it was empty. I’m 110% exhausted. Monday was a typical day of working from home, but for the rest of the week, I’m working at the office because I have meetings. Yesterday (Tuesday), I set my alarm for 6:30am, but Sally woke me up at 6:15. After getting…

  • Why We're Maxing Out our Roth IRA Each Year

    Why We’re Maxing Out our Roth IRAs Each Year


    At the beginning of the year, Johnny did a few posts on the dirty details of the Roth IRA. Those posts, condensed? We’re big, big fans of Roth. We maxed out our Roth IRA last year, we’ve maxed it out this year (using our tax return from Uncle Sam), and…