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March 2014

  • Yo! Tell Us How You Make Money From Home

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    Help us help you (and us) bring home a little more bacon. We posted the form below a few months back, but we wanted to make sure everyone had a chance to contribute. So here’s what we’re asking: if you’ve ever made money working from home (or a side gig…

  • A Penny for Your Thoughts

    What Is Financial Stability?


    An OFB reader recently reached out with us with a question that we want to pose to all of you guys today. Yes, even you typing away at your keyboard with Cheetos fingers. So here’s the question: What does it mean to YOU to be financially stable? As our reader said in…

  • Should You Save While You're in Debt?

    Should You Save While You’re in Debt?


    Today we’re going to talk about the age old question: Will crossing your eyes too much cause them to get stuck that way? No, not that one. Never that one on a Monday. We’re talking about the other age-old question: Should you save while you’re in debt?  Over the weekend, Sally got…

  • What If Wednesday: You Won the Lottery

    What If Wednesday: Bridesmaid in Hawaii


    In the What If Wednesday series, we transport to a hypothetical alternate-reality and watch life play out. And we do it on Wednesday, because alliteration. You’re perusing Facebook (at work… shhh!) one fine Wednesday morning when you see the news. Martha (or Jenny, or what have you) is engaged! Yes,…