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March 2014

  • How We Do Taxes

    How We Do Our Taxes + TurboTax Giveaway!


    This will sound weird. Most of you realize I’m weird, anyway, but you may still want to get your fist ready to punch an invisible me in the face. Ready? I like filing taxes. There. Phew… I feel like the weight of a small walrus has been lifted off my…

  • Baby Bucks

    OFB Baby Update: 14 Months


     General Baby Thoughts It’s official. Our girl has gone from baby to toddler. A little over a month ago, Sally started walking, and nothing’s been the same since. I feel like we have a miniature adult in our home. She walks around with a cell phone in one hand and…

  • A Penny for Your Thoughts

    Cadillac: The Official Sponsor of Workaholics


    I’m an ad guy and I want to talk about a new Cadillac ad that’s pretty controversial. Knowing the sharp minds that come to our blog and make Joanna and me feel smarter by osmosis, I wanted to open up a discussion and hear your thoughts. Here’s the ad: Our…

  • Who We Are. Who We're Not.

    What We Are & What We Aren’t


    Johnny and I have had this blog for over a year now, and it’s high time we explain what makes us tick. If you’ve been reading our blog since the beginning (I can name a few of you by name, but I won’t :)), you probably already know more about…