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June 2014

  • Flying With a Toddler

    How We Plan to Fly With a Toddler


    Happy Monday! Johnny and I will be hopping on a jet plane for DC this week. Johnny’s in a friend’s wedding, and we’re excited to spend the 4th in our nation’s capital! And unlike our last trip, this time Sally’s coming with us. Gulp. Let me tell you a little…

  • Engagement

    Lucky #7


    See those two youngin’s? Well, they’re us, soon after we got engaged. And now, here we are, celebrating seven years of marriage. I used to feel bad for anyone who had been married as long as we have. I imagined how terribly dull their lives must be. And I wondered…

  • Credit Cards: The Rules and Rewards

    Our Credit Card Rules


    Hey peeps, it’s Johnny! You know, that other person that writes all of the boring, no-nonsense posts around here. Wait, why is your cursor moving toward the “Exit” button? Hey, stop! Just lend me your eyes for three minutes. So Joanna’s been running the show the last few weeks like…

  • Money Karma

    Money Karma


    Do you believe in karma — that what goes around comes around? Well, today I want to talk about a little something I like to call “money karma.” Let me tell you what this made-up word means and then you can decide whether you’re a believer in this hocus pocus…