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August 2014

  • Sally

    An Update of Sorts


    Johnny’s been out of town for work, so Sally, the cat, and I have been holding down the fort in the OFB household. For various reasons, we’re all counting down the hours until his return. I’m ready to have a husband and to co-parent again, Sally’s ready to have the…

  • Getting Organized or Something

    Taking the Time to Organize


    The days when I have the most piled on my mental to-do list are often the days when I get the least done. Makes no sense. But I feel so overwhelmed by everything I’m behind on that it’s crippling. And so I just do nothing. I’ve tried explaining this phenomenon…

  • Too Much Work

    Does the 40-Hour Work Week Make Us Spend More?


    Have you ever wondered if all the work we’re doing to make more money is actually making us spend more? We recently read an article on that very topic, and it piqued our interest. So, of course, we wanted to share it with you guys. The guy who wrote it…

  • Priceline Rewards Credit Card Reviewed

    Priceline Rewards Visa Credit Card Review


    We’ve been asked from time to time what we’ve got going on in our wallets. I’d be able to answer that without even looking because no less than six times a week, Sally rifles through everything my little leather (maybe pleather) billfold holds and then proceeds to empty it all…