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September 2014

  • Baby Bucks

    OFB Baby Update: 20 Months


     General Baby Thoughts Can it really be called a baby update when I’m referring to a 20-month-old? She’s still under two, so I vote yes. My, how the time flies. This is an interesting age. Sally is both super fun and super difficult right now. Let’s talk about today, for…

  • Is Your Budget Too Comfortable?

    Is Your Budget Too Comfortable?


    Everyone’s definition of a budget seems to be different. And the way Johnny and I budget isn’t necessarily exactly how someone else should budget. A lot of it depends on the health of your finances. For instance, when Johnny and I first graduated from college, we had a $1,000 emergency…

  • He Says/She Says: Live Events

    He Says/She Says: Live Events


    Happy Friday, friends! The weekend is upon us once again, and it couldn’t come soon enough. Johnny and I had our date night one night early — on Thursday night — and went to a college football game. So today feels like it should be Saturday. I like football games.…

  • Changing Insurance

    Choosing New Health Insurance


    Welp, it’s that time. Johnny and I are choosing new health insurance. For multiple reasons — okay, mostly because of the Affordable Care Act — our current health insurance has gone up in price and is now too expensive, and so Johnny’s company is dropping it and opting for different…