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September 2014

  • Budgeting Backwards

    It’s Time to Start Backwards Budgeting


    We just wanted to say, “Goodnite” to our good friend Gdub really quick. Okay, that’s actually “budgeting” spelled backwards. Oh, budgeting. We hate to love you, we love to hate you, but we need you. And no matter how many topics we discuss, it always comes back to budgeting. We’ve…

  • Sally 1



    Johnny just arrived home from yet another business trip, which is partially why I mentioned Monday that I wanted to stay busy… it helps the time speed by while he’s away. Thanks for the great comments on Wednesday’s post about buying a rental before we buy our own place. You’ve…

  • For Rent

    Buying to Rent


    I was at a friend’s house yesterday, enjoying all the perks of homeownership vicariously: a driveway, garage, yard, neighborhood, walls to paint whatever color you please. It felt so luxurious. Someday I’m sure we’ll jump on the homeownership bandwagon. And when that day comes, I will love each of those…

  • A Discussion on Early Retirement


    Happy Monday!! If you’re like me, that’s pretty much the last thing you want to read on a Monday, especially with my special addition of the second exclamation point. I seem to have a case of the Mondays every Monday, and so Sally and I are filling it to the…