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October 2014

  • Sally's $13 Halloween Costume

    Happy Halloween!


    What are your plans for the big night tonight? Johnny and I usually keep our Halloween nights pretty low key, but this year we’re planning to take Sally out trick or treating for the very first time! We did a test run last Friday with her when some local shops…

  • Away 1

    Spending When the Spouse Was Away


    A couple of weeks ago, I shared my problem with overspending while Johnny’s away on business trips. I become someone else entirely, and I suddenly have to eat out and go buy supplies for some major home improvement project. Confessing my spending addiction on here was the best thing I…

  • Splurge Worthy

    Our Splurging and Saving Personality


    On Saturday night, Johnny and I ate out at a sit-down restaurant. Better yet, it was just the two of us… we do occasionally need Sally-free time. When we arrived, the restaurant informed us that it would be a 35- to 45-minute wait. We reluctantly said, “Okay,” and had a…

  • Emergency Preparedness Checklist

    OFB Preparedness Month: Final Update


    Somehow it’s already the end of October. Halloween is in a WEEK. With the ending of this week, we also wrap up our preparedness month! I think more than anything, this month made me realize we were more prepared than I realized we were. At the same time, many of…