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January 2015

  • NYC Gude: Getting to and from the Airport

    How to Get to and From NYC Airports


    In the next few months as New York City begins its winter thaw and the city comes alive again, friends and family will be  visiting us in this crazy city we call home. From the very start, there’s a lot to get used to — the sights, sounds, smells (both…

  • He Says/She Says: Product Boxes

    He Says/She Says: Product Boxes


    When we were scouring NYC for an apartment back in November, our biggest priority was space. Neither of us cared about any bells and whistles; we just didn’t want to feel (too) cramped with two kids. One of the biggest perks to the apartment we now call home is that it…

  • 5 Ways to Track Your Budget

    Ways to Track Your Budget


    It’s getting close to the end of the month. Last night Johnny was looking at our budget and said, “We have $130 left in our Food category?!” And then I chimed in, “Yeeah… about that. I still haven’t entered in our grocery order from Friday. That will bring it down…

  • Workin' It

    It’s Time to Talk More About Making More


    Putting our new NYC budget together for 2015 was a hard pill to swallow. With our rent more than doubling and with the rest of our expenses being a bit more expensive, we were left staring at a much smaller projected savings rate for 2015 than what we had in…