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January 2015

  • Let’s Get Nerdy with the State of the Union


    I don’t know what you guys did last night, but Johnny got home late, and we curled up on the couch with some leftovers and watched the State of the Union together. We’re doing our boring, vanilla, personal-finance-geek image no favors by being so candid about our nightly festivities. To…

  • 10 Things Every Investing Newbie Should Know


    Is there any better way to get pumped up on a Monday morning than reading about investing principles? Joanna just told me that “every imaginable way” is better. She also just told me that it’s sentences like the one I just wrote that keep me from having any friends. My 650 Facebook…

  • Ready to save $50/month on your cable bill? Cut it like a BOSS!

    The Ultimate Guide to Cut the Cable TV Cord


    For seven years of our marriage, cable was always part of who we were. No matter our circumstances, we were willing to cut back pretty much everywhere in our budget except that one. Cable was untouchable. And then something happened. As we prepared to move back to New York City last month, we…

  • Snowy New York City

    Are These Items More or Less Expensive in NYC?


    I can’t remember the last time I watched The Price is Right. Not because I don’t love it, but it seems like it’s only appropriate to indulge when you’re laying on the couch with a wretched stomach bug. But if memory serves me correctly, they have/had a game where you guessed…