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February 2015

  • Life insurance is depressing. You're gambling with an insurance company about whether or not you'll die before a certain age. But man is it important. We'll hold your hand and walk you through the what, why, when, and how's of life insurance.

    A Millennial’s Guide: How to Buy Life Insurance


    This will probably be the worst post you will ever read on this site. Way to pump people up, Johnny. It will also be one of the most important. Life insurance is depressing. You’re gambling with an insurance company about whether or not you’ll die before a certain age. If…

  • SallyCamel

    NYC and OFB Update


    We’ve almost been NYC residents for three months now, so I wanted to give a brief update on how we’re adjusting this time around. I still can’t believe this is our second time living in the city! And honestly, it feels totally different than last time. For one, we’re on…

  • An Apple a Day

    Choosing New Health Insurance in NYC


    One of the big question marks with our move out to New York City was how our health insurance would change — and how it would affect our budget. Because our insurance in Utah was with a regional company, it couldn’t come with us to NYC. So we found ourselves…

  • He Says/She Says: Tiny Houses

    He Says/She Says: Tiny Houses


    When it comes to homes, Joanna and I agree on a lot of things. For starters, we both want one — eventually. We both want a big yard, an open floor plan, and a mortgage that makes us house rich. We both like hardwood floors, white cabinets, and mid-century modern…