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February 2015

  • 5 Smart Places to Put Your Extra Savings


    Getting out of debt is a beautiful thing. You’ve spent months or years or decades with a single financial goal, throwing whatever you can at its big, ugly face. You create rules, you create processes, you download tools, all with the same goal in mind — not owing anyone a…

  • NYC Delivery Services Compared

    Best NYC Delivery Services Compared


    Since moving (back) to New York City, our grocery shopping has been flipped on its head. As many of you probably still do, I used to hop in the car, drive five minutes to Costco or Walmart, get out of my car, and walk into the store. I’d walk up…

  • Central Park

    When a Biker Hits Your Stroller


    Indulge us on a little storytelling/venting. Before Sally was born, we bought this stroller/carseat combo, and the stroller has been perfect to have in NYC. It’s sturdy, compact, and super easy to carry up and down subway steps. And it even fits in those narrow grocery store aisles. AND it…

  • How Zero Exemptions Make Us Feel

    Why We Claim Zero Tax Exemptions


    If you read last week’s post, you already know why Johnny and I do our own taxes. We also mentioned that we claim zero tax exemptions. And today we’ll explain why we’d do such an unthinkable thing. Last week, we got our final W2 in the mail, and Johnny could…