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May 2015

  • Best Personal Finance Podcasts

    Best Personal Finance & Other Podcasts


    The only thing more vital to carry than cash in New York City is a pair of headphones. Odds are you’re spending at least an hour a day walking, getting herded into subway cars, and commuting. And unless you enjoy the mouth breathing of the guy standing behind you on…

  • OFB Interviews: Jessica

    OFB Interviews: Budgeting & Jurrasic Park


    We’re super excited to be kicking off this new series of interviews with readers who have a financial story to share. We’re starting off with Jessica M. who has a husband in school, a temporary 60% decrease in household income, and yet feels more financial freedom than ever. She has…

  • Monthly Baby Costs: Month One


    We did it! We survived the first month of parenting for the second time! And… it was actually pretty fun. Okay, fun is a relative term, but the heart eye emoji (😍) times a billion pretty much sums up how we feel about our little one-month-old. For Sally’s first year,…

  • Is Working Full Time a Terrible Investment?

    Is Working Full Time a Terrible Investment?


    A while back, Johnny and I read an interesting article, and it’s stuck with us since. The article sells the idea that working for someone else has a capped upside and an unlimited downside. And that the only way to be truly rich (both in money and life) is to…