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May 2015

  • Tracking Expenses

    The One Thing More Important Than Budgeting


    Throwing out a headline like this one is pretty much blasphemy for a supposed “budgeting” site. If you know anything about us, we sing the original Queen B(udget) praises every day of the week and twice on Sunday. Did we just clickbait you? No, no, no. We’d never subject you…

  • Johnny and Joanna

    Selfies, Budgets & the Reality Distortion Field


    The selfie. It’s as ingrained in our culture as cheeseburgers, football, and Kardashians. It represents a raw, candid view of reality, right at that moment in time. Or at least it’s supposed to look like reality. Take the above photo, for instance. What do you see? Johnny and me, dressed to…

  • Sally

    Playing Catch Up


    I can hardly believe it’s only been three weeks since little Wynn joined our family! We already can’t imagine our lives without her. Well, Sally probably can, but she’s slowly warming up to the idea of having a little sister. She even asked if Wynn could sleep in her bed last…

  • Maximizing Your Grocery Budget

    Maximizing Your Budget: Groceries


    In 2015, we’re putting extra emphasis on budgeting since it’s a must for financial success. Each month, we tackle a different category, and by years’ end, we’ll have one big resource for maximizing your entire budget. One question we get asked more than almost any other is How do you keep…