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July 2015

  • 401(k)s Made Easy

    401(k)s Made Easy


    We originally wrote this article for DailyFinance, but it’s an important topic that we haven’t discussed in a while so we wanted to share. We’d love to hear any thoughts you have on 401(k)s. There comes a time in most young professionals’ careers when they’re faced with the decision of…

  • OFB Interviews: Kelsey

    OFB Interviews: Budget SOS


    TGIF! We have another installment of our interview series to share today. And this week, we need your help! Our guest, Kelsey Y., is having a budgeting dilemma. We really appreciate her honesty and openness in sharing her situation. We hope we can help her out today! Tell us a…

  • 10 Financial Gut Check Questions

    10 Financial Gut Check Questions


    On my list of favorite things to do, going to the dentist for a check up oddly doesn’t make an appearance. If it ranks on yours, I’d recommend taking a pen and stabbing it into your hand to ensure you’re not actually a cyborg. If you’re a cyborg, power down and…

  • NYC Bucket List

    The NYC Bucket List 30-Day Challenge


    This is a sponsored post written by us on behalf of the Kaiku® Visa Prepaid Card, part of the Visa Clear Prepaid program. All opinions came straight from our own noggins, not a robot’s. When Johnny and I created our 2015 budget in January, we got to our Vacation category…