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July 2015

  • Wynn Three Months

    Monthly Baby Costs: Month Three


    I love the newborn stage. But I’m not a mom who goes into mourning when it’s over. For as blissful as it is, it can be equally exhausting and overwhelming at times. On the really overwhelming days this second time around, I found myself thinking, Just make it to three…

  • Top Personal Finance Apps of 2015

    Top Personal Finance Apps of 2015


    I think it’s safe to make a generalization: we spend a lot of time on our phones. And most of it is unproductive. If we spent only a fraction of the time we spend browsing through selfies or playing stupid tappy-tap-tap games or reading the toxic garbage we call “Facebook…

  • Aflac

    Getting Paid to Have a Baby with Aflac


    Nothing rocked our world more than when Johnny and I became parents. To say we were consumed (both times) is an understatement. Consumed with blissful love, yes. Lots and lots of that. But we were also consumed in pretty much every other way — time, attention, sleep (or deprivation of),…

  • Anatomy of a Budget

    The Anatomy of a Budget


    In case you missed it on our Facebook page last week, there was a nice little write up on our clan, NYC budgeting ways, and OFB on If you’re interested in checking it out, click your mouse right here. After reading the article, we realized there’s a lot of nuance…