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July 2015

  • Our Ten Money Commandments

    Our Ten Money Commandments


    Over the last two and a half years (!) of putting fingers to keyboard on this here blog, we’ve shared a steady supply of our successes and failures. And over time, we’ve noticed recurring themes and fundamental beliefs that continue to pop up and appear to drive to the core…

  • Maximizing Your Savings

    Maximizing Your Budget: Retirement & Savings


    Don’t ex out of this tab. Don’t do it! Okay, good. So maybe we’ve arrived at the most boring topic of our Maximizing Your Budget series. I’ll give you that. But it also happens to be the most important. Unlike other budgeting categories that can sometimes be in decent shape…

  • Our Monthly Budget: July

    Our Monthly Budget: July 2015


    We’ve hit the halfway point! It’s crazy to think how fast 2015 is flying by. So far our savings is on track to meet our 2015 savings goal (to save 50% of our net income). But whether we actually meet our goal is totally dependent on how we fare these…

  • He Says/She Says: Gift Cards

    He Says/She Says: Gift Cards


    I recently celebrated a birthday, and one of my gifts was an Amazon gift card. I was so excited to spend it immediately, and I instantly knew just what to get (an e-book and lipstick, of course). It’s rare that I get a gift card that Johnny can’t lay claim…