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August 2015

  • OFB Interviews: Amy

    OFB Interviews: Financial Wins & Weight Loss


    Today’s interview is with Amy, who’s started down the path for big financial and life changes. Her story shows someone with so much resolve and determination to change and meet her goals. We’re inspired by her openness and honesty in sharing her story. So we’ll let Amy take it from…

  • Car Buying Tips and Tricks

    Our 20 Car Buying Tips & Tricks


    Last week, we wrote a novel about our recent car buying experience. For those keeping track at home, we’ve now bought three used cars in our marriage. So we’re pretty much experts on the subject. (This is where a sarcasm font would come in handy.) And while our cars haven’t…

  • Monthly Baby Costs: Month Four


    With all the craziness of moving, we just about forgot that little Wynn turned four months old! I remember keeping track of Sally’s age week by week for almost the entire first year, but that’s already long gone for poor Wynn. But she does get one post a month dedicated…

  • OFB Interviews Andee

    OFB Interviews: Mortgages and Life Surprises


    This installment of our interview series shows the power of setting financial goals… and it’s even filled with a little surprise! So we’re excited to share it today. We’ll let Andee take it from here… Tell us your story. We bought a house in July of 2013. We had been…