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September 2015

  • Our Budgeting System

    How We Keep Our Budgeting System Simple


    It’s time to get real. Budgeting is no fun. It’s a necessary evil that we do day in and day out because it’s… necessary. At times, we warm up to it, like when we freaking rock our monthly goals or grow our savings or become debt free. We may briefly dub ourselves king and…

  • Hello My Name Is Beowulf

    About You #14


    Lately, Johnny and I have found ourselves putting the majority of our life on autopilot. Wake up. Eat. Wrangle children. Work. Sleep. Repeat. Since moving, we’ve still been trying to find a balance between work, parenthood, and life. Now that we’re doing this self-employment thing, we’d love to have our finances more…

  • Qapital App Review

    Qapital App Review: Smart Savings


    We spend a lot of time talking about budgeting. I’d wager that most doctors would say it’s an unhealthy amount of time. But we strongly believe that really adhering to the principles of budgeting make for smarter spending and savvier saving. But you see, there’s a problem: budgeting isn’t always…

  • Wynn Five Months

    Monthly Baby Costs: Month Five


    I feel like time is just flying over here! I can’t believe it’s time for another monthly update on little Winnie. It’s crazy how many changes can come from just a month of a baby’s life. General Baby Thoughts All Wynn wants to do every single day is go, go,…