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September 2015

  • Self-Employment

    We’re Officially Self-Employed


    We promised we’d share more on what prompted our move back west (other than being closer to family), and the time has finally come for us to spill the beans. As of June of this year, we dove headfirst into the wide, wild, and unchartered world of self-employment. To be…

  • OFB Interviews: Debtless in Texas

    OFB Interviews: Saving 50% Like Whoa


    Hey guys! We’re excited to share one of our most interesting interviews to date (and our first guy!!). Today’s interview is with Debtless in Texas, a fellow personal finance blogger who has quite the story to tell. Once we started reading his interview, we couldn’t stop. And boy did we…

  • Winnie and Sally

    Funding Our Daughters’ College Educations


    Having a second child is a whole new ball game in the wild world of parenting and especially — surprise, surprise — finances. When Sally was an only child, I was excited at any chance I got to spend money on her because the costs were minimal with just one…

  • Joint Checking

    Is a Joint Bank Account the Secret to a Happy Marriage?


    We originally wrote this article for DailyFinance, but it’s an important topic that we haven’t discussed in a while so we wanted to share. We’d love to hear any thoughts you have on joint checking. Personal finance is just that — personal. When you’re single, you, yourself, and you have…